Thursday, September 3, 2009


Since there will be EIGHT, EIGHT, EEEEIGGGGHHHHT (8) inaccessible-to-crew aid stations at the 100, with no drop drop bags either, I decided to get effing serious and purchased a Nathan pack that is rivaled by no other.

This sucker holds 100 ounces of fluids and has more pockets than Grandpa Joe's overalls (I have no Grandpa Joe, nor does anyone in my family farm). AND, get this, it has a separate reservoir for energy drink/electrolyte drink. Show 'em, Vanna:

That little orange dial actually allows you to switch back and forth from water to mixed drink, OR, you can combine the two.

I seriously have the biggest nerd smile on my face right now.


Kate said...

OK now, see, this sort of gearing up is on the borderline of outright cheating. Unfair advantage! (guess I'll have to bring mine, too).

Stephanie said...

Oh my god, I am so jealous and I don't even want to run a marathon. But for hiking, yes. You had me at dual fluid compartments.

fatozzig said...

I so want one of those! Sometimes out there all I want is a damn drink of water. Nothing flavored, nothing colored - JUST WATER! Please.

mariko said...

I was hoping for a video demonstration.

Mike said...

OMG! Where can I get one? (No, not the crazy multi-fluid fanny pack. The Cutters t-shirt!)