Monday, September 21, 2009

For my birthday, Annie treated me to an awesome day/evening getaway in Government Camp at The Resort, which happens to only be about 45 minutes from the 100 race course.

Prior to check in, we wheeled over to the course so Ann could at least see a couple of the aid stations and get the overall layout. We then tooled to the hotel, took in a couple of hours of crap reality-tv, and unfolded a super-detailed map of the race area that we'd picked up at the ranger station. Charting out times to each aid stop at a reasonable pace (15 mn miles), I discovered that, OH SHIT, I'LL ARRIVE ONLY 5 MINUTES BEFORE THE CUTOFF AT THE 55 MILE MARK!

Okay, that was the taper (and after-dinner scotch) talking. Looking at it this morning, I'll arrive 2 hours ahead of the cutoff.

Man-o-man, was the weekend restful. Something we've discovered: We both LOVE to hang out in hotel rooms. LOVE IT. I don't need much on a birthday, not even a cake...although I have to admit, I crack up every time I witness a grown adult blow out candles on a cake and everyone surrounding him/her wildly applauding.

"Good JOB!" they all seem to be saying. "Whosa BIG BOY?!?!"

So my (perfect) birthday treat included watching horrific reality tv on a flat screen, sitting on the most goddamned comfortable king-sized bed ever stitched and stuffed, and shoving room service food down our gullets. Oh, and sleeping 11 hours.

Right there, THAT is the gift that keeps on giving.

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fatozzig said...

Some of The Hub's and mine best times have been spent being bed lizards in a hotel room watching crap TV. Great way to spend a buck!