Saturday, June 19, 2010


'Scuse me - I have credentials

One week from today, Gary and I will be in Squaw Valley, picking up interviews from Mr Western States, Hal Koerner, bearded superhero runner Anton Krupicka, my ass-kickin' pal Kateand Western States founder Gordon Ainsleigh. Then, Saturday morning at 5AM, my bud Gary and I will begin the 30 ishhour process of following both Hal and Kate, from aid station to aid station, for the duration of the race.

It's weird to have reached this point for the piece (in case you missed the entry...EXPLANATION). It's kinda surreal. I imagine it will be slightly more surreal at 4AM, in the middle of nowhere, when I'm punch-drunk and bleary-eyed, asking Kate, "How do you feel?" Somehow, I think our conditions will be similar.