Monday, September 7, 2009

Today marked my final big back-to-back runs (30 yesterday, 20 today) prior to the 100. I ran it with Gary, a fellow Hundred in the Hood runner, and we came to an agreement, as we huffed and trudged our ways up and down the hilly terrain, which made us laugh...

Running ultra marathons is all about overriding the mind/body's instinct to protect us from ourselves; ignoring the "STOP BEFORE WE DROP DEAD" signals. And this takes courage - to trust that all is well during moments that wave every red flag there is. I suppose this is what draws me to this sport. We basically run straight into the line of fire and dodge all of the messages that tell us that this is a bad idea.

Also, we mused about how we love the "I hate this feeling"-feeling. In fact, dammit, I relish it.

Which I think sounds a little twisted to *most folk.

*the entire planet


fatozzig said...

That is twisted. But it's better than torturing small children or animals.

Kate said...

The real trick to recognize the final signal before you really do drop dead. May that never be an issue for you!
BTW, slow down, would ya? You're making the rest of us look like slouchers. 30/20 combo? Bah! Quit it.