Tuesday, September 15, 2009


256 or so hours.

15,400 or so minutes.

I won't break it down into seconds, but I could if I were more anal.

I'm doing a fair amount of visualization for the race; watching myself powering up the hills in strong hiking strides, gliding the downhills and flats, cruising in and out of aid stations, slowing only to fill my water bottles and grab food, and finally crossing the finish with a smile on my face...beneath layers of caked-on dirt and soot. And some dried snot on my upper lip.

Having a vivid imagination, I can get very specific.

I visualized a ton for my last shot at 100 miles, and I was absolutely amazed how much it helped. Of course, I never pictured being injured at mile 56, sitting in a chair, wincing and shaking my head as my crew asked I thought I could continue, but hey, that's ultra: Make a plan and be ready to change it. Or trash it.

(Oh, and: 924,000 or so seconds)


fatozzig said...

Just so long as you're not visualizing soiled underwear, as well.

rustyboy said...

That imagery *has* popped in my mind.

Vomit-covered shoes as well.