Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ready to Rock

In the "biz" (showbiz, people - that's showbiz talk for..well, showbiz), there is different phraseology for simple, every day subjects, acts, and objects, no matter how extreme or mundane. Examples:

• "Confab": Meeting

• "Green lit": Approved

• "This show has legs": The show has potential

• "Showrunner": Executive producer

• "Ankle": Leave

But my favorite of these (ultimately douchey-sounding) terminologies is "in the can", mostly because I giggle like a wrinkly old man when it's uttered.

"Tee-hee! It could mean something dirty! But not dirty like what I just left in my underpants."

This is in reference to a single take that the director likes, or that a show/film is completed and ready to roll onto the large or larger screen (let's face it: With plasma screens in our homes, there are no small screens these days).

Welp, I am proud to announce that the running-based-podcast I've been working on alongside dear pals Gary and Carl The Mailman (hereafter referred to as such) are nearly ready to roll out. More teasers:

1. We have a personally written, and simply awesome, theme song.

2. We have - in our opinions - quite the clever name for said podcast.

3. Our microphones are taped to 18" long pieces of PVC which are in turn taped to camera tripods, except for Carl's, as he's running the sound board and computer. He looks all professional and grown-up.

4. The sound quality is spot-on.

5. Lastly, we are fucking hilarious. At least to each other.

The website will "go live" soon, as we will have enough episodes "in the can" (tee hee!) to launch in the coming few weeks. In fact, Annie's on the sofa at this very moment making the site look all perty.

So soon, VERY soon, you'll be able to download our yapping, stick it on your iPod or MP3 player, and zone out to the HILARITY that is our podcast during your long runs, while taking Fido out for a stroll, or when you just can't stand the dialogue of "Jersey Shore" any longer.


fatozzig said...

waiting . . . waiting . . . waiting . . . . . .

Carl The Mailman said...

Its gotta good taste.