Friday, October 22, 2010

The Off Season

As I sit here at noon, still in my pajama bottoms and sweatshirt (hey, I work nights, okay?), sipping my second cuppa joe, I am - for the first time - actually soaking in "the off season". And I'm loving it.

After a long spring and summer of training, my mileage will typically dip to around 45 miles per week, having topped off around 75 in July/August. I'll find myself with extra time on my hands and a lot more energy.

This is my body's time to repair and recover.

Normally, I'd be in a state of panic over this. "What if I lose conditioning?!?! What if I gain a few pounds?!?! What if, GOD FORBID, I WIND UP DOING THINGS OTHER THAN TRAINING?!?!?!"

Preach it to me, Doug

Life is about balance: Put too much energy into one aspect and the other pieces atrophy and wilt. We do it every day: Too much time at work, too much time studying, too much energy wasted on worry, one day too much of focusing solely on your family and then you wind up yelling at them to eat your f*cking french fries!!!! (starting at 6:25 - and TOTALLY offensive but hilarious).

Looking forward to an off season of restin' and exploration. Hope y'all get to take some time off too!


Gary Vale said...

I agree. I am rather enjoying this time of no running. You should try 0 miles per week. I feel like I am healing up for the upcoming year. It's all good!

Kate said...

Does this mean I don't have to feel guilty when I decide to blow off a run? Still working on that.