Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hello! Hello! Hola! I'm at a place called...


- Bono

As of right now, I'm supposed to be around mile 30-35 of the PCT 50 Miler, out by Mt. Hood. I, however, am not. This is not because I'm a coward -

- it's because for about 10 days, I've had this stuffy-head-feeling goin' on, and an annoying, omnipresent ringing in my ears. Wednesday afternoon, on my way back from running errands, I started getting the feeling that planet Earth was moving, even when it really wasn't. This sent me into a panic, which - as we know - is the best thing to do when you don't feel well. So Annie, with her amazingly calm demeanor, suggested we check out an urgent care clinic, just to see what was going on.

Turns out my blood pressure was 170/100! The doc suggested we head to the E/R and see what's what. So we did. And let me tell you, if you're having a near panic attack, and your BP is extremely high, THE E/R IS THE LAST PLACE YOU NEED TO BE.

And this was just the admitting nurse

My BP was 190/100 at this point, so Annie got them to fast-track me to a room. Within minutes of being out of the lobby, my pressure had dropped to 170/90. EKG, CT scan, strength tests, all of that shit, and what did they say?

"Hmmmm. You should see a doctor."

Um...aren't YOU a doctor?

So yesterday, I met my new Doc, and he flat-out rocks. Also a runner, when he asked if I exercised, and I told him I'm training for a 100 mile race, he muttered, "You people are (effing) crazy!"

We aren't crazy...okay, maybe this guy is. But just a little.

(sidenote: He went to feel the glands under my arms, but I was sweaty and therefore apologized. Said the doc: "No need to apologize. I look at buttholes."

He told me that I have an acute, benign case of vertigo and that it should go away after a few days. I'm still a wee bit "spinny", but nothing like where I was, and my BP is back to normal. BUT, I'm not out by Mt. Hood, running the PCT 50, which is a mild bummer.

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dxeechick said...

dang!!! hope you are feeling all better soon. sounds scary. but the butthole comment made me laugh.

fatozzig said...

Cripes, Russ. Hope it gets better soon. Did they say why you ended up with vertigo? It's weird how it "comes on" and then just as "suddenly" goes away.

I first read "butthole" as "buttonhole" and was totally confused. But then I read "butthole," and laughed.

PS - Love the pic of you stretch out in the gurney. Comfy, ain't they?

Kate said...

Missed you! Missed you! Get well soon. Hope you and "Mr. Butthole" don't get to know each other too well. For many reasons...;-)

Gary Vale said...

I am glad you are feeling better. It is funny your doctor talked about buttholes because I need a good butthole doctor. Mine has been kind of itchy and sore lately. I think this ultra running causes it to get a lot of extra use. I am sure you wanted to know this. I will go now.

fatozzig said...

Gary just provided way too much info. Um - has he ever considered using diaper rash lotion BEFORE running?

Okay - now to get away from the whole butthole thing. Well, not the WHOLE butthole, but the whole . . . oh, forget it. Look what you've started, Russ!

rustyboy said...


Gary Vale said...

This is just a normal long run conversation. I am willing to keep the hole conversation open. Or maybe we should just close the hole conversation.

fatozzig said...

The hole thing doesn't really matter to me, although I hole-lee agree that it's good to have a butthole doc available - perhaps even on speed dial, which, if you have a rotary phone, well,there's a hole 'nother set of holes to ponder.

Kate said...

STOP! Please!

rustyboy said...

You are all sick.

This is why you are my friends.