Monday, August 2, 2010

Forest Park

Jeff: "I am SO lucky to put my arm around this sweaty guy YET AGAIN!"

I find it difficult to write a race report for marathons, since I run about 2/week while in heavy training, so I'll quickly sum up yesterday's:

1. Jeff and I hung together for 24 miles, yammering away. I'm sure I talked both ears off about Western States.

2. Jeff pulled away at the 4 hour mark, leaving me with my own thoughts...which involved Western States.

3. My attempt to finish in "4:20" to get a photo of me standing beside the clock, pretending to toke on a joint, was missed by 8 minutes due to the fact that I'd banged the hell out of my quads on a hilly long run Friday.

4. There are really evil trail bandits in Portland that move course markers at every race. Wendell (the RD) has no idea how to beat them at their game.

5. Working a 7 hour shift after a marathon - on your feet - really is miserable. And knowing you have 15 miles the following day doesn't really help.

6. I had a blast! So nice to do a training run that's supported and with other people.

7. Seven! That's a good number to finish a list with.


fatozzig said...

That has to be one of the most succinct reports I've ever had the pleasure of reading. :o)

How's the vertigo these days?

Kate said...

Keep punishing those quads. You'll be glad later that you did. BTW just got my WS CK lab level: 13,000. The mean for all finishers this year was 38,000 so I was less punished than most! Hoo-YA!