Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I'm finally posting some photos from Hundred in the Hood - first, the night before the race, where water, beer, and This Is Spinal Tap were all in order:

Me and Bud at mile 29 or so. This is right before I took off with the water pack that didn't work and had to come sprinting back. Ohhhhh, the DRAMA! (I'm pretty sure he's telling me I need to pee more right here)

MY CREW!!!!! Annie and Mariko!!!!


Liam (reading, waiting for my sorry ass to drag in)

Coming in to mile 55 aid. I cannot believe how fresh I'm looking:

This is how you know that someone truly loves you: Ann, addressing a hot spot at mile 55. Those dogs were stinkin':

A kiss goodbye before heading out for another 20 miles until I'd see them again. Both of us being reality TV producers, the original kiss wasn't captured on-camera, so we did a 2nd take for posterity's sake:

Man, what a blast. I'm getting all itchy for my next go at 100!

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