Saturday, April 18, 2009

Ran a 20 miler today at Forest Park. I decided to park at Firelane 1 (I know, this makes sense to about .09% of you), run 1/4 mile down to Wildwood trail, do an out and back of 10 miles in one direction, refill at my car, then head back down to Wildwood and do an out and back of 10 in the other direction.

My "aid station" at mile 10:


Vernor's ginger ale is a current favorite to guzzle midway through a long one. Add a PB&J? EFFING GORMET MEAL!

I have a 15 miler tomorrow: My first back to back long runs in over a year. And then, Annie and I are attending this awesomeness.

By the way, if you're keeping score:

Gnats flying into the eyes: 7

Gnats flying into the mouth: 4


Kate said...

I totally get the PB&J trilogy. 20/15 is a good finish to a great week. I'll bet the weather was nice today, too. Off to do my 15...contemplating "aid station" selections.


rustyboy said...

The followup 15 felt great yesterday! I feared dead legs, but they somehow remembered how to push through the heaviness.

Good thing, 'cause September's coming up!

fatozzig said...

Very nice run, indeed! Like the aid station.