Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Me (walking down the street to the grocery store): *whistle whistle, hum hum*

Middle aged guy walking towards me, wearing fedora and perfectly tailored wool coat: "Evening!"

Me: "Hey there!"

Guy (in reference to President Obama's inauguration): "Yesterday was a pretty good day, wasn't it?"

Me: "It sure was. Big day."

Guy: *holds out fist bump*

Me: *fistbumps him*

Guy: "Have a wonderful evening!"

Me: "You too!"


aartilla the fun said...

awwwww. what a great story!

a fist bump! i wonder how many people he'd done that to that day. maybe you were the first and last!

i just fist-bumped myself in solidarity.


mindy said...

Best. Obama. Story. Ever.

Mike said...

You just gave away the Freemasons secret greeting ritual. Way to go.