Monday, January 19, 2009

Today, I interviewed with a hospice agency outside of Portland. A few weeks ago, their ad captured my attention: They were looking for someone to video an end-of-life patient's "interviews" that he wanted to do for his family.

"Todd" (name changed for anonymity) is a 48 year old man with brain cancer with 2 teenaged daughters.

When I'd first read the ad on a volunteer ad website, something within me was moved: My decade plus experience in television was now applicable to something that meant something deeper - and far more meaningful - to me. And it would mean something to a stranger who needed it.

I met with two workers at the agency today that sealed the entire deal. I felt humbled, honored and blessed to be part of this moment in time.

I filled out my requisite paperwork and had a T.B. test taken.

Again, over and over, I am reminded that this bizarre experience called "life" is all about the journey. No matter where it takes us.


mindy said...

Wow. That has got to be one of the most powerful things you may experience in your life - what an incredible opportunity and honor.

fatozzig said...

What an honor, Russ, and what a powerful life experience for both of you.

aartilla the fun said...

good lord russ, what a cool opportunity! that is awesome, and tailor-made for a man with your storytelling talent and sensitive core. how fulfilling to know that all your years making things you weren't happy with are not for naught! yippee!

(my friend does something similar: