Friday, July 2, 2010


I've taken this past week to digest what my Western States experience was, but the only summation I can wrangle is:


No, not "WoW"

Kate and Hal were incredibly accommodating, allowing me to chase them around with my recorder at packet pickup Friday before the race, where they were weighed in, had their blood pressures taken, given a shitload of amazing schwag. Seriously. I would have gladly taken the killer backpack, technical shirt, and jacket and headed home.

Without going into too much detail, I was able to snag Hal at the mile 55 aid station and at the mile 62 aid as well for a couple of words. As for Kate - I ran the last 1.3 miles to the track with her, recording away. What I ended up getting seals my thoughts that this piece has true potential.

Oh, and I finally - after 3 years of "knowing" one another online - got to meet with a weary, yet somehow still smiling Gretchen around 4AM, as Gary and I wandered in a sleep-deprived state at the track. As I quite suspected, she flat-out ROCKS!

Gary and I returned Monday late evening, beaten and bedraggled. Of course, this meant we woke up the next day and hammered out a hilly 23.5 miler, giddily recapping what we'd just been through.

(Side note: Best moment of my time with Hal - as his blood pressure was taken, one of the volunteers - a middle aged woman - asked him if he'd run Western States before.

Hal: "Yup. 8 times."

Her (smiling): "And how many times did you finish?"

Hal (sheepishly): "Six."

Her (with an impish, "good for you, little fella!" grin): And what was your fastest time?

Hal: "16 hours."

Her: "HUHN?!?")


fatozzig said...

It was an amazing time, wasn't it? Simply amazing.

Gretchen said...

Oh my God, did she really call him "little fella?" I love that exchange! It would have almost been funnier if she hadn't asked him his fastest time and had just remained ignorant.

I'm so stoked we found each other at the finish line. Next time there has to be more time - for a run, or a beer. Preferably both.

Super stoked to hear your piece. Good luck putting it all together!

Quite a weekend, eh?