Sunday, May 16, 2010

So Gary ran a 12 hour race this weekend in Redlands, Washington called The Watershed Preserve. My original intent was to run it as well, but what with my work schedule and all, I have to choose my races wisely, as losing too many shifts could result in financial hardship.

Can you help a brotha out?

I texted him yesterday to see how it went, and his response was easily one of the funnier texts I've ever received:

Holy mother fucker I am completely done. Right now, in my condition, I vote we change our mother fucking hobby to sewing.

Of course, we exchanged further texts today, and he admitted to once again loving the sport, having run 100km in those 12 hours.

Way to go, Gary!


mariko said...

Can I join the sewing circle, cuz I doubt I could keep up with you on the trails.

rustyboy said...

We were thinking of combining the two, but this could result in off-sized shirts and broken necks.