Sunday, January 10, 2010

Random neato-ness

Annie was going through boxes in the basement and unearthed a couple of Polaroid of mine from back in the day:

That's me, at the Ford City mall on Chicago's south side, near where my grandmother lived. The man towering above me is Buddy Bell, ex-third baseman for the Texas Rangers. I guess they were in town playing the White Sox, as evidenced by:

Wayne Nordhagen's presence. I distinctly remember that my mom and I were wandering through Sears when we came across them, randomly standing there.

You really don't get this any more: Athletes are treated more like rock stars nowadays, untouchable to the public...unless you wanna fork over some dough for an autograph.

Oh, crap. I just realized I'm that old guy now who says shit like, "Back in MY day..."


mariko said...

Dude, at first I thought that was Leif Garrett.

fatozzig said...

Great pics!

Unknown said...

Re: Buddy Bell. I have that shirt.