Sunday, March 15, 2009

As you may know, or not, but will be finding out....nnnnnnnnnnnow!, I received my running coach certification last autumn, which I've done very little with, but I *have* altered my own training, so I figure that's my money's worth right there.

And as you may know, or again, not know, but will after a few more splashes of verbs, nouns, and more commas than your eyes care to deal with, I'm also registered to run Hundred in the Hood this September. This is my second 100 mile run endeavor and - for reasons unbeknownst to me - I want to train properly for it.

Go figure.

I really enjoyed the wisdom and humor possessed by the teacher of my running coach certification course, so in a sweeping act of irony, I went to the very website where I myself am pronounced as a certified running coach, grabbed his email address, and sent off to see what he could do for me.

He's building me a training program that I believe, in my heart of hearts, is going to kick my ass like the guy who rearranged Leroy's face in Croce's chart-topping "Bad, Bad Leroy Brown". Having never run on anyone's schedule but my own (waking up, hungover, delaying the long run until the following day, etc), this has lit a bonfire beneath my ass. The last two runs he scheduled for me I ran to the nearest 1/1,000th of an inch. I clocked and logged my times on the interactive site. I've written down trail conditions and how my body felt while out there. In other words: I STARTED PAYING ATTENTION.

Right now, my weekly running totals hover between 40 and 45 miles. When training for San Diego 100, my mileage topped off around 63 miles in a week. My coach has revealed his plans to get me up around (are you sitting down? Relaxed? Take a deep exhale...goooooood....goooooooooooood. Woop, I digress...) 80 to 85 miles per week.


I have complete faith in his knowledge (having run probably dozens of 100 milers himself, and placing in the top 10 usually) and in my capabilities to train at this level. Who knows? I might surprise myself out there.

And so it begins: My obsessive blogging about training for another 100.


fatozzig said...

Woo hoo! Hundred in the Hood! I'll be crewing for Kate again, so you'll have the honor of seeing me!

80-85 miles/week (gulp). I'll be thinkin' about ya while I'm running in Australia over the next two weeks. Grins!

Ann-Kathrin Koch Photography said...

Oooooh yes. God knows I need a little inspiration when it comes to regular and scheduled runs without chickening out at every opoortunity.

And when I say inspiration I mean in a "he's a fucking lunatic, but he's good at it"-way. You go, Russ! Show us all how it's done (and please don't die).

Kate said...

I'm looking forward to the "obsessive blogging about training" part. I know you're up to this and I look forward to seeing the end result (you sitting around after your race, drinking beer and waiting for my sorry ass to finish).

rustyboy said...

Leslie: I am SO not jealous of your trip. Not at all. See? Lookit this face:


AK: I will try my hardest to not die. This is second on my list of things to-do during the race. Number one: "Don't stop."

Kate: We shall see. I might come clawing across the finish to see you shoving a veggie burger in your mouth, laughing.

Gretchen said...

Yay! The journey to 100, I can't wait to read all about it!

Stephanie said...

Excellent news, Russ. At least I think. Minus that whole crazy 100 mile thing. I will be cheering you the whole way :)