Wednesday, December 3, 2008

It seems that I have come up with a writing challenge for myself. This pounced upon me as I wove through the streets of Portland last night, walking home after my bar shift:

As I discovered upon the recent (and loooooong time coming) completion of the first draft of my first novel, I have a lot of shit I've started writing, yet haven't finished. Or, in some cases, continued beyond the kernel-of-the-idea phase.

Like drunken sex that carries on for far too many hours: It's time to finish. Well, I've heard of this phenomena. Sounds...horrible. Anywho...

I plan on burrowing through the sorted shorts/dangling longforms/stream of consciousness junk that I've pecked away at over the last years and will give myself a short deadline with which to complete it/them. Sounds like torture? Yeah, it freaks the hell out of me, but I believe setting up this exit ramp will help me get off the freeway in a more timely fashion. And in one piece.


aartilla the fun said...

go russ go! i think having to do things by a deadline helps me get out of my "but it's not perfect!" mindset, and into the "it's perfect enough" one.

will you publish any of it on here?!

fatozzig said...

I should hook you up with my uncle, the physicist. He has some great ideas for adventurous murder mystery books and can provide all the technical crap, but doesn't know how to do all the in between stuff that makes a good read.