Thursday, August 28, 2008


(the other night)

Me: "What would be served to you in hell that you'd have to eat, every day, for all eternity, that would truly make it hell?"

Ann: "Quiche."


I cooked for the 2nd night in a row. I'm really beginning to enjoy cooking, something that has always terrified me (my mother used the stovetop this regularly: There was a towel covering the burners at all times, upon which was stacked paperwork), and I dove right in this afternoon with a plan to cook a sausage, leek, and mushroom "pie".

I'm not so good with deciphering ingredients as of yet, but eggs and 2 kinds of cheese were on the list. Yes, that's right...

After 30 minutes of chopping and browning, and 45 minutes of baking, I produced a wonderfully rich, tasty, and flavorful quiche.

Ann did say that it's the best quiche she's ever had. So that's something, I suppose.


fatozzig said...

Congratulations on expanding your horizons to include cooking! See, it's not so scary. And if you screw it up, feed it to the dog. Don't have a dog, feed it to the neighbor's dog (just joking on both accounts!).

aartilla the fun said...

do you have a picture of it?

i must say that i'm not a HUGE quiche fan. but i am a fan of saying "quiche".

it just sounds... fancy.